Slider Maker

Tutorial: 009-layer-animation-3d.slider - Jssor Slider

1. Create a slider file 009-layer-animation-3d.slider.

See Create a slider.

2. Open slider file 009-layer-animation-3d.slider and add image slides.

See Create a slider.

3. Add a panel layer.

4. Set 3d space perspective depth value to create 3d space on the panel layer.

5. Add child layers into the panel layer.

6. Select a child layer, insert motion point.

Double click the frame of the layer at 1S to insert a motion point.

7. Set 3d motion properties for the child layer.

Set motion properties of the layer at 1S as below.

8. View your slider.

Click View menu to view your slider.
See example 009-layer-animation-3d.slider.