Slider Maker

Tutorial: 006-carousel.slider - Jssor Slider

1. Create a slider file 006-carousel.slider.

See Create a slider.

2. Open slider file 006-carousel.slider and add image slides.

See Create a slider.

3. Set slide size and slides container size.

Click Layout menu to open layout window.
Set Slide -> Width to 200, Set Slide -> Height to 150.
Set Slides Container -> Width to 980.

4. Set auto play steps and play duration. [Optional]

Click Options menu to open options window.
Set Play -> Steps to 5
Set Play -> Duration to 160

5. Set set arrow navigator steps. [Optional]

Click Layout menu to open layout window, switch to Arrows tab.
Set Behavior -> Steps to 5

6. Save your slider.

Click File -> Save menu to save your slider.

7. View your slider.

Click View menu to view your slider.
View example 006-carousel.slider.