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Insert Motion Point - Jssor Slider Composer Help

Open /jssorservice/002-layer-animation-before.slider/=edit.

Insert Motion Point

Insert motion point in one of the following ways.

A. Right-click (right mouse button click) on any frame, and then click Insert Motion Point on the context menu.
B. Double click on any frame.

What does a motion point stand for?

A motion point represents motion property values of a layer at a specific point in timeline.
Given a layer has 2 motion points P1 at 1 second and P2 at 2 second in the timeline. X of P1 is 150 and X of P2 is 400.
The layer will move from 150px to 400px in direction of X-Axis during the period between P1 and P2.

Set motion properties

Select P2, set motion properties.