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Insert Break Point - Jssor Slider Composer Help

Insert Break Point

Right-click (right mouse button click) on the timeline ruler, and then click context menu item Insert Break Point.

Set idle property of the break point to 2000. It will lead the animation idle for 2000 milliseconds at the point in timeline.


There are 2 types of break point, 'Idle' and 'Main Idle'. Default type is 'Idle'.
Both will lead the animation idle for a specific period.

Multiple break points are allowed in the timeline of a slide. But only one break point can be type of 'Main Idle'. If there is no 'Main Idle' break point is specified, the first 'Idle' break point will be treated as 'Main Idle' break point.

The only difference is that the 'Main Idle' will cowork with other functionalities. For example, if slider option 'Pause on Hover' is enabled, It will pause on the 'Main Idle' break point.

Break Point vs Idle Settings

User can set Idle for each invidual slide, or set global Idle setting for all slides. It will lead a slide idle for a period at the end of layer animation.

But Break Point can control the slide life cycle more precisely. It can idle at any point in the timeline of layer animation.
If a Break Point has been set for a slide, the life cycle will be controlled by Break Point, the Idle setting of the slide will be ignored.