Slider Maker

Overview - Jssor Cloud and Slider Maker

Jssor is a cloud system, every user has a workspace (e.g. jssorsevice*) which works as a cloud drive.
Note: for wordpress plugin, the admin dashboard is different.

Login and open your workspace, double click on a slider file (e.g. hello.slider) will launch the editor Jssor Slider Maker.

Jssor Slider Maker is an animation software to create HTML5 animation to run in web page and mobile App.

Slides Pane

In slides pane, you can add/remove/sort slides.

Layers Pane

Each slide can have multiple layers. In layers pane you can add/remove/sort layers.

Properties Pane

Given a selected object like Slide, Layer, Motion Point or Break Point, you can edit properties of it in properties pane.

Layout Window

Click 'Layout' menu to open the layout window.
In the layout window, you can set slider size, responsive options and enable bullet navigator, arrow navigator and thumbnail navigator.

Options Window

Click 'Options' menu to open the options window.
In the options window, you can set options which define behaviors to run the slider.