Tip - Arrange Layout & Adjust Size
Basically, Jssor Slider is composed of 'outer container' and 'slides container'. In addition, user can insert 'loading screen', 'bullet navigator', 'arrow navigator', 'thumbnail navigator' inside 'out container' if in need.

'outer container' is master container which manages all other UI elements.

All slides are in 'Slides Container'.

Layout of elements mentioned above are always specified in pixels. e.g. 'style="position: relative; top:0px; left:0px; width:100px; height:50px;"'. See API: UI Definition.

For slide size, it inherits from 'slides container' by default unless '$SlideWidth/$SlideHeight' option is explicitly specified. See API: Options.
Jssor Slider Layout Diagram
Outer Container
Slides Container
Bullet Navigator
Arrow Navigator
Thumbnail Navigator