Slider Maker

Tutorial: 003-layer-animation.slider - Jssor Slider

1. Create a slider file 101-layer-rotate.slider.

See Create a slider.

2. Open slider file 101-layer-rotate.slider and add image slides.

See Create a slider.

3. Add text layer.

Click Add Layer toolbox item, and click Text Layer menu item.

4. Set layer properties.

Set layer properties with toolbox which is at top below the main menu bar.

5. Set initial motion properties.

Set initial motion properties of the layer as below.

6. Insert Motion Point.

Double click the frame of the layer at 1S to insert a motion point.

7. Set motion properties.

Set motion properties of the layer at 1S as below.

8. Add another layer.

Repeat to add another layer and create layer animation.

9. Save your slider.

Click File -> Save menu to save your slider.

10. View your slider.

Click View menu to view your slider.
View example 101-layer-rotate.slider.