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Tip: Adjust Speed - Jssor Slider Maker Help

The following options affect speed of animation in various ways.


Steps (Auto Play): [Optional]

Steps to go for each 'auto play' navigation request, default value is 1.

This property works only when 'auto play' is enabled and slideshow is disabled.

Idle (Auto Play): [Optional]

The global setting of period (in milliseconds) to idle before playing next slide, default value is 3000.

Besides, you can set Idle for each individual slide.

If a Break Point has been set for an individual slide, the life cycle of the slide will be controlled by Break Point, the Idle setting will be ignored.

Duration (Play sliding left <-> right): [Optional]

The duration (in milliseconds) to complete sliding left <-> right effect through a slide, default value is 500.

Duration to complete sliding sliding left <-> right effect through multiple slides will be cauculated base on this property.

Ease (Play sliding left <-> right): [Optional]

The 'ease' to play sliding left <-> right animation of slide, default value is 'OutQuad'

'ease' means variation of speed to complete an animation. This property specifies 'ease' for sliding left <-> right animation.

Layout -> Arrows -> Steps

Steps (Arrows): [Optional]

Steps to go for every click, default value is 1.

Layer Motion Property -> Ease

The Ease option affects speed of layer animation.

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