Slider Composer

Manage Layers - Jssor Slider Composer Help

Open /jssorservice/900-practice/901-manage-layers.slider/=edit.

Select Layer(s)

Select layer in either design pane or layer list pane in following ways,
A. Mousedown to select a layer;
B. Ctrl + Mousedown to select multiple layers one by one;
C. Shift + Mousedown to select multiple layers in layer list pane;
D. ] or [ key to select forward or backward;
E. ESC key to select parent layer;
F. Ctrl + A select all layers;
G. Ctrl + Shift + A deselect all layers;
H. Shift + ], Shift + [ to select multiple layers;

Deselect Layer

A. Mousedown on empty area in design pane to deselect a layer;
B. ESC key to deselect a layer;

Move Layer(s) into Panel Layer

A. Drag a layer in layer list pane to move it into a panel layer;

B. Ctrl + X to cut a layer, Ctrl + Shift + V to paste it into a selected panel layer;

Note that Svg Layer can move into Html Panel Layer, Html Layer can not move into Svg Panel Layer.