Slider Maker

Make Slider Step by Step - Jssor Slider Maker

1. Create a slider file

Login and open your workspace (e.g. jssorsevice*), right-click (right mouse button click) on the file view, click 'New slider file' on the context menu to create a new slider file (e.g. hello.slider).
Note: for wordpress plugin, please ignore this step.

2. Open the slider file to edit

Double click on any slider file (e.g. hello.slider) to open it with Jssor Slider Maker.
Note: for wordpress plugin, please ignore this step.

3. Set slider size

Click 'Layout' menu to open layout window and set slide width and slide height.
See Layout

4. Add slides

In the slides pane, add one or more slides and set main image for every slide.
See Add Slide

5. Add layers [Optional]

Select a slide, in the layers pane, add one or more layers. Set basic properties and motion properties of every layer.
See Add Layer

6. Insert motion points [Optional]

Right-click (right mouse button click) on an empty frame on the frameline of a layer, and then click 'Insert Motion Point', and then set motion properties of the motion point.
See Insert Motion Point

7. Set slider options

Click 'Options' menu to open options window and set slider options.
See Options

8. Save slider

Click 'File -> Save' menu to save the slider.

9. View slider

Click 'View' menu to view the slider.

10. Export code

Click 'Download This Slider' or 'Export Code' button to export code.
See Export Code